Noel Dent Coal Merchant with great Coal Prices, is operated by Dublin coal merchant, Noel Dent Fuels. We offer competitive coal prices and a free coal delivery service throughout South County Dublin as far as Bray, County Wicklow.

The Dent family have been involved in the coal business in Dublin for over 65 years. Noel’s father, Pat, started working as a coal merchant back in 1948. Born with only one arm, Pat was unable to get a job as a docker like his brothers so he started a coal delivery round which initially operated in the Ringsend & Sandymount areas. Back then, coal prices were much lower than today but times were very hard, coal was sold loose and people could only afford to buy it by the stone.

When Noel Dent finished school he joined the business straight away. He has now been in the “firing line” as a coal merchant for over 35 years. Noel has continued the family tradition of competitive coalk prices and a reliable coal delivery service. He has developed and expanded the business and now delivers coal to most areas of South Dublin…

We have been dealing with Noel Dent 
Fuels for the last number of years.
We have found Noel to be  pleasant
to deal with and also  very 
punctual with the deliveries.
Seamus Byrne